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Natural Trail


The admirer of the Nature Trail encounters wild vegetation and a rich animal life.  The nature path has a length of about 4.5 kilometres.  It is situated at an altihide of about 900 to 1050 metres.

Long time ago, this path was connecting the two communities, Dymes and Pelendri.  Gradually the path became impassable because of the dense vegetation.  The Community Council of Dymes and the Pelendri Hunters club ‘Panther’ took the initiative and decided to re-construct this unique nature and beauty path.  We express our gratitude to the Pelendri Community Council for its assistance.

The project was funded 80% by the European Union under the common Agricultures Plan 2004-2006 of the Forest Department.

The visitor touring the Nature trail.  During his walk will enjoy the rich vegetation of the area, as well as the dense pine forest.  He can have a rest at various Rest points with breathtaking views and take pictures of the Lovely Cyprus nature and countryside.

In addition  we will encounter plantations with fruit trees, like apple-trees, peach-trees, almond-trees, walnut-trees, a fountain with portable water, but also a location called ‘Deisi’, known locally as the ‘little Throne of Virgin Mary’.

It is worth mentioning, that in the past the habitants of the surrounding villages used to walk in procession with her icon in a reverent way to that location , where they prayed and then had a village feast.

During his walk the visitor will see the consequences of the destructive fire on the 6th of August 2007 which resulted to the devastation of a great part of the path and particularly four kilometers of forest and wild vegetation.

The cause of the fire was again human negligence and carelessness.  The path which was once full of colors and sweet scented flowers is now covered with a mournful veil which emphasizes the importance of protection of Cyprus forests from the nightmare of fires and the necessity of acquiring environmental conscience. 

Visitors with special interests may study species of flora, fauna as well as the geology of the area. 

Visitors should bear in mind the following:

  • Kindling of fires is totally banned.
  • Don’t smoke and don’t litter the path.
  • Don’t pick wild flowers or plants and don’t carve the tree trunks
  • Don’t disturb the animal life on the path
  • Don’t damage the structures
  • Use of  bicycles and motor-cycles is forbidden.
  • In case you notice a fire call immediately number 1407 (24 hours a day)

    (the call is free of charge)

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