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Old Church of Timios Prodromos

The old church of Timiou Prodromou, a building of 1861

When the church of Timiou Prodromou was then built, in the village Dimes, it was among fields. Today it is so important because the area there has been upgraded. Recently, the public park and the athletic court of the community have been built right next to the church.

The church is a building of 1861 (18th century) and it is on the north of the village .Externally it is made of stone, with 60cm thickness and it is surrounded by a big yard. It is built in a rectangular type, covered with tiles, small and plain church. It can take in 100-150 people .Internally it does not have any murals. It is a flat church and its iconostasis is of wooden construction, curved with few icons of the saints who frame it. The iconostasis has two gates, the beautiful gate and the west gate. In a special iconostasis there is the dedicated icon of Timiou Prodromou which is dated to be from the 18th century. The church does not function at all. The Ancient Department took over its maintenance and it will remain a landmark ecclesiastic building.

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