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New Church of Timios Prodromos

The new main church of Timiou Prodromou

Next to the old preserved church of the community the new church of Timiou Prodromou has been built during the decade 1990-2000.The new main church which services everyday in the village was built on the expenses of the community the immigrants and the Limassol Metropolis. It is brickwork but externally it is tiled with mountain stone .A high lordly bell is revealed having two huge bells on the inside that invite the Christians every Sunday and in e very celebration.

The church is big enough to take in 300 people. The icons of the Saints that are in the beautiful and special woodcut iconostasis of the church are of new construction. The three characteristic gates give their presence in the iconostasis. The main, that means the beautiful gate, the north and the west gate. The wooden psalm books, the Despotic throne (cathedra) for the guest bishops are present, completing the internal equipment wealth of the church. The loft is big and comfortable so the people would enjoy the Holy service during their congregation. On 7th January and on 29th August it is celebrated when there is the litany of the icon of the Timiou Prodromou and it is also celebrated on Easter Monday with great shows.

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