Dymes Community Park

In a gorgeous landscape covered with pine trees, below the church of Timios Prodromos, the community of Dymes have created their Community Park.

The history of the Park
In 1991, with the initiative of the Association of Expatriates of Dymes, and in cooperation with the Community Council of Dymes, this wonderful excursion site was created on church property.

In 2007, the Community Council completed the formation and beautification works of the site. Therefore, since 2007, the Community Park of Dymes has been upgraded and now constitutes an ideal place for rest and recreation.

This project was financed by the “Rural Development Plan 2004-2006”, Measure 3.2. The State financed 80% of the total expenditure and the Community Council financed 20% of the cost.

The total cost for the expansion and upgrade of the Park raised up to the amount of 78000€.

A tour around the Park
The visitors during their tour around the park will have the opportunity to admire the beauty of nature with its wonderful colours and scents. At the same time, they will come across restored fountains, an excursion site and a playground.

The playground has been constructed according to European safety standards so that the children are able to enjoy playing.  

The excursion site provides wooden tables, barbecues, drinking water and lavatories, in other words all facilities needed for daily excursions. The site can accommodate 300 visitors.  

Visitors’ behaviour rules
The visitors of the Park must follow certain behaviour rules:

Dymes Community Council